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Grönland Records,, DaimlerChrysler, TakedaPharma, WDR/Walter Filz, Hänssler Classic, Dreipunkt International, Kultusministerium BW, Com-Active, KZ-Gedenkstätte Wiesengrund, Ökotopia Verlag, InterReg, Visual Experience Films, Metabolic Balance, Sana Essence, HTWG Konstanz, Dt. Sparkassenverlag, Business Auditorium,, Verlag Eifelkrone, wohlfü, Stuttgarter Ärztebuchstelle, Ewald Schillig Möbel, GoVocal, Linus Roth, Götz Schuhmacher, Elmar Gunsch, Frank Stöckle, Barbara Stoll, Franziska Kleinert, Christian Tramitz, Saltacello, Tobias Elsässer, Jonas Khalil, Dublex Inc., Tina Trumpp, KlassikRadio, Michael Sagmeister, Charlie Mariano, Richie Beirach …


Many years of experience in the fields of audio technology and music production as well as an extensive catalog of rights formed the basis for the founding of 123CLASSIC music and audio book publishing company. In addition to commissioned work, many in-house productions are created and thus the desire to exploit these – in addition to the classic trade – via their own platform. For some time, 123CLASSIC became the namesake of a download portal for classical music, an exciting journey into the IT sector (123ClassicSystems), which we left with a completely new staff. With fresh ideas and new inspiration, we return to our roots.

Arne Junker studied music at the PH Ludwigsburg, the Bern Conservatory and the Würzburg University of Music, Guitarist for Stella and Stage Entertainment musicals, SWR Orchestra Freiburg, Friedrichsbau Varieté Orchestra Stuttgart and many more.
1998-2011: klangwerkmusik production   l  2002-2007: Owner of uwartonStudio, artist productions
2007: Foundation of 123CLASSIC music and audio book publishing company  l  2008-2009: 123CLASSIC SYSTEMS, software solutions for MOD services


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